Transunit company was established in 1994 and the core of its staff had been recruited from a former concrete plants maker ZŤS. Since then the company has covered markets of Slovakia and also abroad.

Transunit along with other companies with common interests forms a group of companies who cooperate to provide customers with complex works and services.

Transunit provides supplies, modernization and reconstruction of concrete mixing plants and prefabricated parts producing plants and provides technology units for solidification processes and industrial waste recyclation.

We offer

Transunit company offers customers custom-made technical solutions while taking into account their specific requirements and offers them complex solutions that include planning, training of operating staff and service.

Project designing and construction documentation is prepared by our experienced staff in our state-of-the-art equipped studio. We focus on individual approad to technical solution and provide customer with several alternatives in bidding and pre-project phase. The quality pre-project phase includes solving of specific technical problems which contributes to finding an optimum technical solution for you.

  • Supply of concrete mixing and similar technology plants
  • Modernization and technological refurbishment
  • Mixers
  • Gravel and cement bins
  • Belt and warm conveyors
  • Scales and feeders
  • Control units and electrical gearing
  • Water and gravel heating systems
  • Recycling units
  • Technology units shealting

Why cooperation with us

We have skilled team of projectors, designers, riggers, welders and electricians include weighters. Our workers have rich skills from amounts of realized plants.

Finally we provide guarantee and post-guarantee service as well as other services as requested or needed by customer.

Besides new mixing plants we also offer:

  • older plant units
  • re-treated plants
  • refurbishment and modernization of existing units

Transunit solve your demands quickly and complex

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