• Zásobníky a dopravníkyCylindral storage bins are used for storage so materials as cement, ash-fly, zeolite and similar materials. They are standard equipped with support, outside and inside ledder, rails, filters, pressure valve, discharge flap, incoming hole, filling pipe and aeration in cone part of storage bin. They can be equipped with scale, protection against overflow, probes for measuring of minimum and maximum level and vibration on cone part. It depends on customer needs. We standardly offer this bins in size 40,50,60,80 and 100 t of storage material. They can by delivered in non standard volume by customer needs. If it is needed, they can be delivered with divide storage space for two parts or with more discharge flaps.

      Zásobníky a dopravníkyStorage bins for aggregates are used for operative storage of aggregates in concrete plants. They are made as welded part from steel rolled profiles and plates. The size and figure of individual chambers of bin are create by customer needs, mostly it is 3 or 5 chambers with volume from 5 to 50 m3

      in one chamber. They can be equipped with vibrating plate for better discharge of material. They are divided by construction at:
      • front bins
      • line bins
      • tower bins
      • rounded bins
      • special bins

    • Zásobníky a dopravníky

      The screw conveyors are used for transport so materials as cement, fly-ash and similar materials. They are delivered in various diameters, outputs and lenghts. Used diameters are dependent on by output of concrete plant and mostly they are from 139 to 323 mm. Special screw conveyors are used for abrasive and aggressive transport materials.

      Zásobníky a dopravníkyBelt conveyors are used for transport of bulk and part materials as are gravel and sand. Their width is dependent from required transport output and lenght from specific use. Smooth transport belts are used for inclination to 16° and inclination are projected in dependence on 16°-45° are used special carriers. Elevators are used for vertical transport of bulk materials for larger hight differences. The output of belt conveyors and elevators are projected in depending on general output of concrete plant.

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