• Recycling units

    • Recycling units type RZT are used for flushing of residual concrete from batching plants and truck-mixers and its re-usage. The principe is based on dividing of gravel and rough send from the sludge water that enables further usage of these materials for production of concrete.

      Working is operated in automatic mode, including launching and switch-off.

      The recycling reduces consumption of raw material and minimizes material waste (waste does 4% annual output of concrete plant). Recycling unit may be placed on hard concrete foundation or mobile base only.


Parameter RZT 5 RZT 15
Concrete mixture [m3/h] 5 15
Length of screw [mm] 5000 6000
Diameter of screw [mm] 400 600
Input power of separator [kW] 4 7,5
Input power of whirler [kW] 7,5 7,5

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